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17 Best YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators & Consumers

Did you know there are viable YouTube alternatives that fill in the gaps where YouTube comes up short? Let’s be honest, YouTube is a tough act to follow; but some downsides worth noting include: • An over-reliance on intrusive ads for revenue • New and more restrictive creator guidelines • Cancellation of account with no appeals process Content creators and consumers are hungry for new alternatives to replace their overreliance on YouTube. Because we’re going to uncover 17 video and streaming

12+ Best Blogger Books to Boost Your Blogging Skills (2022)

You want to read the blogger books that have it all. The best books help you write better, plan kick-ass blog content, grow your online business, and adopt the key habits and attitudes of blogging masters. But where do you start? If you’ve been scrolling endlessly on Amazon looking for just the right blogging book review, you can stop now — we’ve got you covered. We’ve published content about blogging for 10 years and read A LOT of great books along the way. So if it’s on our list, you can b

250+ Irresistible Instagram Bio Ideas (& Tips) For 2022

Are you looking to beef up your Instagram account with some incredible Instagram bio ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Instagram has become the go-to social media channel for many, but you’ve gotta have a good plan if you want to stand out. And using irresistible bio quotes or captions is a perfect way to gain an audience, impress your followers, show your brand personality, or just plain have some fun. Read on for ways to level up your Instagram bio. What is an Instagram Bio? Yo

45+ Best Travel Jobs Ever: Explore the World (& Get Paid)

Travel jobs solve the question, “how can I afford to travel?” Wait, you mean I can travel and find a job that will pay my expenses on the road? And we’ll get you started on that path by sharing legitimate jobs that can show you the world and pay your rent too! Our list of the 45+ best travel jobs offers a wide range of opportunities, skills, and how-to’s that’ll help inspire your next globe-trotting journey. So, come with me and see what’s possible! Blogging is not for the get-rich-quick cr