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10 Timeless SEO Copywriting Tips to Rank Higher (+ Examples)

SEO copywriting is a combination of two skills needed to have your copy picked up by search engine algorithms and be dazzling to read. And it’s super learnable, especially if you’re already writing copy and have a cursory knowledge of the content marketing world. But don’t you have to be a full-fledged tech geek to have this work? We’ve compiled fundamental SEO strategy and content writing tools with examples guaranteed to elevate your online presence, get your readers’ attention, and rank in

25+ Legit Jobs For Stay at Home Moms in 2022 (That Pay Well)

Curious about jobs for stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) that actually pay well? Wondering what types of work-from-home jobs are well-suited for your crazy schedule as a mom? Look no further — we’ve discovered 25+ flexible, well-paying gigs that’ll have you saying: “Hey, I can do that job!” In this post, you’ll find our ultimate list of legit SAHM jobs along with their average pay and resources for further reading. We’ll also provide 5 super helpful success tips for working from home with kids — be

45+ Best Travel Jobs Ever: Explore the World (& Get Paid)

Travel jobs solve the question, “how can I afford to travel?” Wait, you mean I can travel and find a job that will pay my expenses on the road? And we’ll get you started on that path by sharing legitimate jobs that can show you the world and pay your rent too! Our list of the 45+ best travel jobs offers a wide range of opportunities, skills, and how-to’s that’ll help inspire your next globe-trotting journey. So, come with me and see what’s possible! Blogging is not for the get-rich-quick cr

How to Define Your Target Audience in 6 Simple Steps (2022)

What does life look like without knowing your target audience? It’s like going to the grocery store without a shopping list. You end up spending money on food you don’t need or, worse, coming home empty-handed. And yet, that’s what you do by making assumptions about who your customers are and what they want. Businesses and marketers miss many potential customers because they are, in effect, not checking their pantries. In fact, billions are wasted in ad spend every year from advertisements