Voicing Your Genius with Content That Legitimizes Your Web Omnipresence.

Who Am I?...

Hi, I am Kris Freeman, a certified SEO strategist, content marketer, and blog editor, who knows how to please the 'Google Gods' so that your content gets noticed, is fantastic to read, and starts to rank on Google.

What I do...

I focus on catching the reader's attention and ranking on Google for content that is relevant and meets search intent, as I write—resulting in a win-win combination for the business that desires its audience's undying attention.

How do I do it?...

I have discovered that writing grammatically well-thought-out posts is not enough to catch the attention of Google or our friends surfing the net.

Research is the name of the game here.

Things like SEO, Search Intent, Domain Ranking, Content Briefs, Keywords, Competitive Research, Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Visuals, FAQs, and Word Count are all a part of the work involved in writing a compelling post that will rank on Google.

This type of research is the secret sauce that gets YOU in front of potential clients.

What People Are Saying...

"Kris is a gifted writer with a solid understanding of SEO and a knack for presenting information in an engaging way. She writes articles that will rank in Google AND are pleasant to read for your readers." Robert Van Tongeren (Smart Blogger )

"I've worked with Kris on several blog posts and have been consistently impressed by her strong writing skills, high level of professionalism, reliability, and cooperative attitude. I look forward to working with her again on future projects and highly recommend her services!" Tara Malone, Editor (Mirasee.com)

Kris has written several excellent posts for Xperiencify. I keep inviting Kris back for assignments because of her timely and high-quality work. She makes my job as an Editor so much easier because she turns in ready-to-publish posts every time. I hope that we can continue to collaborate for many more posts to come! Tamara Toles, Editor-in-Chief (Xperiencify.com)

Why I Am A Good Choice?...

I have found the process of crafting an excellent article is about knowing what YOU Want, What The Reader Expects, and What Google Considers Valuable.

And we will not move forward until all of those pieces are fleshed out.

By hiring me, please know that we will not move forward without a solid understanding of what's already been written on your topic and what you want the article to accomplish.

Whether to rank on the first page of Google, become an authority on your topic through strategic SEO placement, or drive up your domain ranking, you can rest in knowing you've found the right person for the job.

If I feel like a fit for your next project, please reach out so that we can talk about your requirements.