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20 Platforms to Sell Your Digital Download in 2022!

You’ve probably created a digital download without even realizing you created something you could sell. For money. Imagine you just created a bunch of killer recipes for dinner, or maybe you poured out your heart in a journal documenting your weight loss journey. Did you know that these creations can be shared and sold online as digital downloads? The next logical question then becomes, “How do I do that?” And as luck would have it, many online platforms are in the business of creating space

Gamification Tools: The Only List You’ll Ever Need (25+ Tools!)

The art of gamifying a students’ learning experience via gamification tools that are fun and engaging while maintaining a student’s attention without having to stand on your head is the wave of the future. Let’s face it; classrooms no longer look the way they did ten years ago. Modern classrooms now come equipped with tablets, eBooks, and digital boards requiring more learner engagement and more shiny things vying for your students' attention than ever before. So let’s dive in and explore the

How to Increase User Engagement in 2022 (15+ Strategies!)

User engagement levels are all about attention span. And unfortunately, the average attention span of a human in today’s fast-paced world is shorter than a goldfish. As a result, SaaS businesses are losing droves of people to shiny object syndrome. What does this mean for your business? Well, it means you'll have to prioritize user acquisition and customer retention through compelling content and product offerings that have your audiences begging for more. So let’s dive in and learn the tip